Tachograph Data Analysis

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Data analysis for compliance with drivers' hours regulations and WTD

This is an obligation and not an option! Tachograph analysis ensures that all your drivers are complying with the drivers’ hours’ rules and with the working time (mobile workers) directive. We have software available to solve the Fleet Managers problems of data interpretation. The information directly downloaded from a Digital Tacho needs analysis software to check compliance with the drivers’ hours rules, using the same data it is also possible to produce complete Working Time Directive reports.

Route 1: Digital Data Analysis Only

Option 1: Do Your Own Analysis Purchase software to do your own analysis of all your digital data.

Option 2: Internet Based Analysis Use an online bureau like SmartAnalysis. Download your data, send it via the web and choose your reports for the analysed data, and print them out, as required.

We offer Smartanalysis® (see the video) which is considered the industry-leading Internet based tachograph analysis service. In operation for over 7 years, many of the UK's leading Transport Operators rely on smartanalysis® every day to manage their analogue and digital tachograph analysis and legislation compliance.

We offer:

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All this, is available from just 23 pence per drivers’ day, with no long term commitments, no contract, no direct debits and no worries. You can sign up to smartanalysis® online tachograph analysis today by clicking here and sending us some basic information about you and your company. Remember that there are no comebacks if you don't like the system and decide to stop using it, we can simply remove you from our system.

Route 2: Analogue Charts

Option 1: Send paper charts to our bureau, we can analyse all your analogue charts just as before. If you wish to combine both digital and analogue then as in Option 2 above send all the digital data to be merged and analysed with the paper chart data. We can merge the data so that it can be viewed in a single report for all your drivers, no need for separate reports for analogue and digital

Option 2: Purchase scanning equipment and analyse your charts and digital data in house.

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