Commercial First Aid Kit

#602 LGV
Product Code: 602
Product Code: 602
#602 LGV

#602 Commercial First Aid Kit LGV
Complies with the latest BS8599-2 Requirements

The Health and Safety Executive state the following: A vehicle, either privately or company owned, when driven for business use is classed as a place of work.

This Tachopak First Aid Kit is designed to provide suitable first aid contents for medium vehicles with 1 - 8 passengers such as trucks, vans and commercial vehicles.

Compliant with British Standard BS 8599-2 requirements for motor vehicle first aid kits.

The first aid contents are supplied in a square, green plastic case, keeping the kit protected. The case is easily portable and stored in a vehicle.

This kit contains all the necessary items you may need in the course of your work, when in or around a vehicle.
First aid kit contents to BS8599: