602 Commercial First Aid Kit

#602 LGV
Product Code: 602
Product Code: 602
#602 LGV
#602 Commercial First Aid Kit LGV
Complies with the latest BS8599-1:2011 Requirements

The Health and Safety Executive state the following: A vehicle, either privately or company owned, when driven for business use is classed as a ‘place of work’.

This Tachopak First Aid Kit complies with the latest BS8599-1: 2011 requirements for first aid provision don’t get caught out by cheaper alternatives. This kit will now future proof you in terms of first aid provision.

This kit contains all the necessary items you may need in the course of your work, when in or around a vehicle.
First aid kit contents to BS8599:

NOTE: The kit comes with its own mount which can be secured to the interior of the cab – if required.
  • Activ 5 Series Bag (x1)
  • Medium Sterile Dressing (x1)
  • Eye Pad Sterile Dressing (x1)
  • Large Sterile Dressing (x1)
  • Non-woven Triangular Bandage (x1)
  • Sterile Saline Wipes (x4)
  • 10 Plasters bagged & labelled (x1 bag)
  • Blue Nitrile gloves (x1 pair)
  • 2.5cm x 5m Roll (Bagged & labelled)
  • Safety Pins (x1 bag)
  • Sterile Finger Dressing (x1)
  • 1 Way Valve Resusciade (x1)
  • 130cm x 210cm Foil Blanket (x1)
  • 10cm x 10m Hydrogel Burn Dressing (x1)
  • Tuffcut Scissors (x1 pair)
  • 7.5cm Steroply Conforming Bandage (x1)
  • Steroplast Guidance Leaflet (x1)
  • Eyewash Pods (x1 bottle)