226 DigiPostPro

Product Code: 226L
Product Code: 226L

The digipostpro allows you to download driver cards and vehicle unit data without any complex IT changes. It is standalone and can be placed in any location, E.g. depots, multiple sites, unattended stations etc.

The digipostpro has a built-in card reader allowing you to download driver cards and is supplied with a digiVU to download VU data quickly and efficiently. The data is then sent to directly to Convey Tachograph via GPRS.

This unit is ideal for remote sites where there is limited or no IT infrastructure (E.g. locations with no computer or internet connections).

Note: A GPRS data SIM is required for the digipostpro to operate.

*Please note you will also require an analysis software system to be able to read and report on the data. For more information on our software options. please get in touch.

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